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Lubica Milde

More about me

Lubica Mildeová, I call her Mildica with a smile on her lips. Smile is what she draws on your face when you are dealing with this talented and clever lady. When she paints, she loves. She loves to paint and create original and unrepeatable clusters of colours, shapes, compositions on various materials of different sizes.

Mildica and her voice make your day better, a delight for your eyes and soul. Conversation about art and what is good and what is not, will be a great enrichment from a woman who sees, feels, knows and after that, she paints. She is devoted to creative production since childhood. Puppy love in adulthood which never fades away. Painting as relaxation, a sense of joy, inner fulfilment and enjoyment is reflected in the quality of her work and design. It is not possible to surprise her with anything , she can deal with any creative challenge .


Because life is daily creation, it doesn’t matter if you are preparing just morning coffee and buttery bread. But Mildica will create for you something, in which she inserts piece of herself and captures the unique constellation of feelings into works of art, that will become a single original in your collection and also worldwide.


                                                                                                                                                        Artist  Matej Vida


l . milde @ gmail . com - Lubica Mildeová
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