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Lubica Milde

My products

Everything I make is unique - I create only one original- only one piece which will remain just yours and will be hundred percent according to your liking. Thanks to this approach, you can enjoy original fashionable accessories with fully customized design, or you can help create custom-made gift for your partner, friends or family. You can also choose from my gallery of already made products and decide for the same or similar design. Thanks to my many years of experience, I know that hand-painted textile with original pattern is a great choice for a present and the recipient is always delighted and positively surprised.

The authenticity of a handwork and original ideas are essential for me also when creating tableaus, wedding invitations or paintings on canvas and walls. If you had enough of boring, repetitive ideas, you are in the right place - we can come up together with a unique design that will move the result one step further. Given that each product requires its own unique creative process, I don´t have a fixed price list. However, I always do my best to come up with prices acceptable for both sites- email me your ideas and we can certainly come to mutually beneficial agreement.



When it comes to textiles, I paint on practically anything. I specialize in T-shirts and pillows. I have them available all the time in several colours. I paint also on sweatshirts, jackets, trousers, formal dresses and suits. I am able to produce also a painted costume for a costume party - but in this case, the textiles (except the T-shirts and pillows), on which I will paint, should be delivered to me via mail or in person. If a painting should be created according to your own particular template, the template should be also delivered to me including instructions - ideally via e-mail. The template should have sufficient quality (meaning, image with higher resolution - the minimum size of 800 kB).



My t-shirts are high quality products, they are from pure cotton. I have available women's, men's and children's T-shirts in sizes from XS to XXL. Men's T- shirts are available in two designs - "classic" and "slim fit", laddie’s T-shirts are all elastic and they fit perfectly on any figure.



The usual size of the pillows offered by me is 40x60 cm. They are made of white 100% cotton fabric. The price includes a pillowcase with zipper and padding cushion. We can also agree on special materials, size or special-shape of the pillow.

How to take care of the textile?


The best way how to wash hand painted textiles is hand wash. But I personally wash my clothes in the washing machine, inside out at 30 ° C or I use the washing machine program "hand wash". The gentler you treat your textile the longer it will look as new. It should also be ironed inside out at temperature assigned for cotton. I include to each product a flyer with instructions how to take care of it.



Paintings on larger surfaces are more time consuming, yet it offers even more room for creativity and combining ideas. A hand-painted picture is a great decoration in any kind of room. Separate category are paintings on interior walls and facades which transform an ordinary room or building into something special. They can also be used in designing business establishments such as cafes, hairdressers etc., but also as decoration in an office space etc. Walls with decorations created according to your wishes and preferences certainly enhance the desired atmosphere.



I paint on canvases stretched on a wooden frame. The quality of the canvas is guaranteed. Price depends on the size and difficulty of the desired picture, used colours scheme, and of course on the method of creating. I paint most of the time with acrylic paints in combination with spray, but I create also oil paintings, painted in the end with dammar lacquer. The price of oil paintings is higher than the one of conventional acrylic and requires a longer drying time- about 2-4 weeks .



Original paintings on walls make an environment in a company, café, restaurant or children's playroom more special. They also satisfy those who want to have a original decoration in the living room or nursery. I design and paint for you exactly what you want. I paint the designs you wish on walls of any size. As the painting goes directly on the wall, you save money for canvas ;). In case of large scale paintings, you need to count with more time for creating. The prices also depend on the size and difficulty of the painting. When it comes to interior, I design also interior labels and stickers, which thanks to their simplicity and clean lines, give to the furniture or interior surface of an apartment or house the right look. When it comes to their material, colour or size, options are really limitless.



Graphic design is an essential element of my work. My current focus is interior and exterior branding of businesses and building their corporate identity. I collaborated with Jana Glasa where I was involved in designing the interior of a wine bar. As well as designing colors and materials, I also devised the marketing branding of the space.

My work also includes commercial graphic design, e.g. business cards, flyers, wedding anniversary cards, invitation cards, promotional stickers.

I’ll incorporate your ideas and implement them on graduation photographs panels, stamps as well as wedding anniversary cards. 



I design and create also custom-made tableaus, according to a vision of a customer. Tableau can represent a field of your study or your secondary school which you are finishing or have a completely different theme of your choice. Also in this case, it is enough just to specify your idea via e-mail , send texts and photos and the rest of the work is up to me. Original tableau will be imported to you for free in the area of Western Slovakia. To other cities, I will send it via mail. The prices depend on the size of the tableau, type of material and method of creating.



If you long for an original stamp, for yourself or your company, you are on the right address. I have available self-printing stamps up to size 4cm with the pad and ink directly connected to their body. Stamps of bigger sizes have their body and inker supplied separately. But also in this case, the design is up to you. 



Boring announcements based on a pre-designed template may be past. Your own wedding is once in a lifetime experience (mostly;)), so no need to be afraid of creativity and original ideas. Unique wedding invitation should be “typical for you” - should characterize both partners. I design and create for you personalized announcements, including complete package of remaining prints that usually belong to it, like for example, invitations to the wedding feast , envelopes, stamps on envelopes, labels on the table, wedding menu card, figurines for the top of the cake, made from modurit, or mini gifts for wedding guests. I also produce customized accessories for weddings such as letters or other accessories that can be originally used in a wedding photo shoot.


l . milde @ gmail . com - Lubica Mildeová
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